Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrity Tattoo Designs - Popular Tattoos for Girls

The art of tattoos has a great history. Tattoo designs were made since ancient times and with the development of civilization they only became more popular and widely spread. More than that, today tattoos are top fashion. Fashion tendencies are mostly created by celebrities and the love for tattoos is not an exception. 

There is hardly any Hollywood star without a tattoo and celebrities tattoos become the most fashionable today. Here are the most popular celebrity tattoos for girls

lady gaga tattoos
Lady Gaga is found of tattoo designs. The meaning of them is not always easy to understand because the singer herself rarely talks about her tattoos. But Lady Gaga often shows her tattoo designs and is proud of them. Her first tattoo a treble clef, but she made it really early - when she was only seventeen. Later on Lady Gaga changed it with far more beautiful tattoo - three white roses decorated with vines.

A well known tattoo artist Kat Von D made this tattoo design in Los Angeles. But it is not the only flower tattoo Lady Gaga has. The tattoo design of Hawaii flowers on her shoulder is her most famous tattoo. The famous singer made it as a present for the famous photographer Araki from Japan. He rarely makes photos of celebrity and Lady Gaga was the second singer, after Bjork, and the first American who he photographed. The singer was very proud that Araki made the photos of her in his studio and even invited her on his bar. He presented her the photos, signed -œTokyo Love- and Lady Gaga chose one of his works for a new tattoo. The popular singer is fond of he fans and she recently made a tattoo design in their honor. Lady Gaga always calls her fans my little monsters, that's why she made a tattoo design -œLittle Monsters- on her hand. She says that now when she takes a microphone her fans are always with her. 

ashlee simpson tattoos
Ashlee Simpson is also a tattoo fan, but her tattoo designs look more elegant and are much smaller. Firstly, she made a star tattoo design on her left wrist and then added a feather to the design. Ashlee says, that this tattoo reveals her elegance and beauty. But she didn't stop on it. The famous singer tattooed -œLove- on her left wrist after the release of her second album. Later on she added a number three to this tattoo. The meaning if the tattoo deign is still a mystery to Ashlee's fans, but it doesn't make it look less attractive. 

The latest singer's tattoo is a flower tattoo design. It is the biggest Ashlee's tattoo - a red peony flower on her left hand. Bjork has only one tattoo design but it attracts a lot of attention, because it's meaning is a great mystery for many of her fans. Bjork explained that her tattoo is an ancient symbol, popular among the Norse. She said this tattoo design is named a -œCompass of Vikings- and it helps her not to get lost. This tattoo changed Bjork's life - the singer is sure that this symbol helped her to realize her dream: after making this tattoo design she found her sound. The symbol has a long history and it was used not to get lost in alien lands or in fog by Vikings. This tattoo always leads its owner the right way and protects from dangers. Most of celebrity tattoo designs are not just decoration: they help and protect their owners and have deep, often individual meanings.

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